Hamster Diet

Pet hamster diest
Pet Hamster

Feeding your hamster a basic staple diet of commercial dry seeds or pellets will provide the main part of its diet. Hamsters enjoy a variety of greens, meal worms, raw lean meat, fresh vegetables (not canned or frozen), cottage cheese, and yogurt drops to provide some variety.

However, these fresh foods should be fed as occasional treats since the hamster mix provides all the nutritional requirements needed. An excess of vegetables and fruits could cause diarrhea.

Alfalfa should also be added to a hamster’s diet. Not only does it help the digestive process by supplying roughage, but hamsters will also use it as a good healthy nesting material. Alfalfa also contains a good source of calcium for your pet to insure healthy bones and bone growth.

Don’t let your hamster’s empty food bowl fool you. Only give enough food that can be eaten at once. Why? Because hamsters are hoarders. They don’t actually eat all the food and when they stuff it in their mouth, they simply do that to transport it to a hiding place where they can eat it later if they want. Be observant of your hamster’s hoarding habits and feed accordingly. You will probably need to clean there food stashes regularly to prevent rotting.