Customer Testimonials


Hi Alfalfa King,

I want to thank you for your great customer service and gave me a sample of the timothy hay before. I can tell you that I’m so satisfied with the hay I just ordered. I got three rabbits and I ordered from oxbow for more than a year. Each time I order 50lbs hay and my three bunnies finished them within two months. You may ask why they can eat that much just in two months, I can tell you the answer because they got a lot of wastage on it, and every time they do not willing to eat and so picky that they choose the leave to eat only. However, this time, I have no regret on purchasing alfalfa king, you know what, I never hear the munching sound that made by them before, but after giving them alfalfa king, I start to sit next to them for more than half an hour to see them eating the hay so happily, making the munching sound, having big and rounded poo. As you know as a parents feeling, when you see your baby willing to eat the food, you will feel so happy and as a pet owner, I really wish that I can keep refilling their hay rack (really no exaggeration). I’m so appreciated and thank you for your company that helped me to solve the wastage problem; I will let you know when they will finish the 50lbs hay. And I really hope you guys can keep the quality, and reasonable price. Why I say that because I know many brands, not just hay brand, once their brand is famous and they will lower their quality and mark up the price in order to make more profit, I really hope that you guys can keep it. I’m actually a volunteer in the local shelter of bunnies, I promise I will promote alfalfa king to them, and I wish one day Alfalfa king will be the world famous hay brand.

Best Regards,
“SHY Bunnies” – San Francisco, California

I am a long-time customer of your products, specifically the Oat Wheat Barley hay, which my rabbit loves, and the only hay I’ve been purchasing for him for years (which my vet gave high approval on!). I usually order it from Dr. Fosters-Smith as that’s where I first found it, in their catalog.  

The reason I am writing is to ask if your company ever donates any of your hay products to needed shelters? Our county animal shelter is in dire need for rabbit supplies. It is mostly through donations that they take care of all of the animals, however, when I recently visited there to drop off some wish-list items including hay for the rabbits, I was devastated to see the poor boarding conditions the rabbits were in; there was no hay at all for them, just some pellets and water, and many were in cheap, broken cages stacked on the hallway floors due to lack of finances and available space. I do what I can to provide for the shelter rabbits especially since it’s common knowledge that the dogs & cats’ needs are priority at most animal shelters, but this area has a horrible record for abandoned and neglected rabbits, (with at least 4 pet stores selling them without screening or educating the buyers) and of course the poor ‘Easter rabbits’ whose fate usually ends badly. Being a ‘rabbit person’ these issues are very close to my heart. I am doing all that I can, including donations to the other local animal shelter, as well as some of the House Rabbit Society chapters, from where I rescued my bunny; but for only what my financial situation allows. If you do donate your hay to any needed shelters, I kindly ask if you would please consider this shelter, because the rabbits aren’t provided with any hay – certainly not on a regular/ongoing basis, and I’m sure when they do get donated hay, it’s most likely all different types and brands (which as you know, hay has a much greater nutritional value than pellets, and even more important that the types/brands they’re fed are appropriate and consistent). The name and address of the shelter is: Griffin Pond Animal Shelter-Humane Society, 967 Griffin Pond Road, Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania 18411, tel.: 570-586-3700. (They would greatly need Timothy hay, and some Alfalfa for the younger rabbits, if possible.)

I can’t thank you enough for your consideration, it is truly, greatly, appreciated!! (My contact information is below if you have any questions or require further information.)

Thank you again!


I’m always trying new hay products (about 40% of my caseload are rabbits) and we keep about 10 different hays (cuts, types, brands) in stock as many of our patients come to us with disease states that impair their ability or desire to eat. As an aid to owners, we provide a list of the hays that their rabbit showed interest in eating in hospital, at their discharge. We had someone donate a bag of your Oat, Wheat, and Barley hay for us to try out as an alternative to the sweet fine-strand hays. My own rabbit (11 years old) LOVES this hay mix. I mean, she LOVES it. I’m particularly pleased because of the coarse nature of this mixture, as it provides a great substrate for dental wear. Unfortunately, I’m running out this donated batch and I’ve been having a difficult time finding a supplier in Guelph. Since my girl enjoys the product so much, I certainly want to see if I can get her more. However, I would also like to keep some on hand at the hospital and see if I can get other rabbits interested in it as an alternative substrate for dental wear.

Any help in this endeavor would be greatly appreciated!

(__/) Dr. E. L. Harrison
(=’.’=) BSc.Hon., DVM
(“)_(“) ABVP Companion Mammal Resident/DVSc Student